Sodium Formate

Sodium Formate

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Product Description

Sodium Formate is the sodium salt of formic acid. There are various production methods to produce it. At our facility, it is produced as by product during the production of Pentaerythritol. It is a white crystalline powder. It can be used as final product, as raw material or as intermediate to produce other chemicals.


  • Leather industry as tanning agent
  • Oil Drilling field / Oilfield chemicals
  • As a de-icer on airport runways due to its effectiveness and less contamination than Salt
  • Pulp and paper industry - In production of sodium hydrosulphite / dithionite (a bleaching agent)
  • Textile industry - fabric dyeing and printing process
  • Construction industry
  • Electroplating process
  • As animal feed additive - used as a dietary electrolyte balance (dEB) enhancer
  • Formic acid manufacturing